Are you feeling stuck? At Turning Point Mental Health Services, we can help you turn your life back around and help you find joy again! We specialize in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and depression, and we know that taking the first step can be the hardest. We specialize in working with clients who are experiencing recurring nightmares, feeling on edge, having difficulty relaxing, or feeling unable to let go of things from the past. If you have strong physical or emotional reactions and have begun to avoid things in your life, we can help! In addition to traditional talk therapies, we specialize in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, which is an evidence based treatment that can provide rapid results for PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, performance anxiety, difficult life transitions, and more. Jonathan Mitchell, LPCC has been training therapists across the United States in Accelerated Resolution Therapy since 2018, and he has been using ART longer than anyone in Kentucky! We know that taking the first step can be difficult, and we commend you for choosing to improve your mental wellness. We specialize in working with adults over the age of 16 and we accept Medicaid and most major insurance policies. Jonathan offers a free 10 minute phone consultation to answer any questions you might have about beginning treatment. We looking forward to hearing from you and to helping you on your journey!

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